Oh Lately It’s Been So Quiet

OK GO has been popping up all over the place lately. I started getting into these quirky quartets music this summer with the song ‘Oh Lately It’s Been So Quiet’, which still remains at the top of my list of their songs. A couple other tracks of note are the title track and the song from the video. The video to their song ‘Here It Goes Again’ has been all over the internet, take a look:

A Million Ways|OK GO
Here It Goes Again|OK GO
Oh Lately It’s Been So Quiet|OK GO


Author: MusicalPirate

I am a digital media professional. I love photography, music, and design and pretty much all media.

4 thoughts on “Oh Lately It’s Been So Quiet”

  1. i have no response to that.

    j/k-the music great. the video hilarious :). wonder how many hours of practice it took them to synchronize everything, lol.

  2. So thanks for the post. It took several days of flipping to VH1 to finally show Julie that video. I should have known that YouTube would have had it. The funniest thing about that video is that the guy in glasses isn’t really the singer. He is the bass guitarist. When asked why they used him as the singer in the video they said, “Well, just look at him.” Funny stuff. I like that song. I will have to check out more.

  3. owen: “it’s kind of. i mean, it’s kind of weird, but it’s cool.”

    sam: “it’s funny and it’s silly and it’s kind of dangerous.”


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