Christmas Mixes (Streaming)

christmas-tree-2015I don’t blog here much these days, but I thought I would post a link to all of my Christmas Playlists over on I’ve used this site for some years to put up some of my mixes that I’ve put together over the years and be able to stream them from any device I’m on. I’ve put together quite a few Christmas mixes over the years, some admittedly better than others. the last few years I’ve put together a mix of modern songs (mostly) each year that fit on one CD, and I’ve posted them one song at a time for each of the days of December leading up to and including Christmas Day – entitled the 25 songs of Christmas.

Christmas Favorites (You’re Not Sick of)

25 Songs of Christmas

25 Songs of Christmas, Volume 2

25 Songs of Christmas, Volume 3

Christmas Romance (a mix to curl up next to someone on Christmas Eve)

TV Christmas (TV cartoons, mostly from the 70’s)

Croon & Swoon Christmas (mid-century crooners and swooners)

Modern Christmas (when you get sick of the crooners and swooners)

R & B ChristmasCountry ChristmasIndie Christmas (three different genres of Christmas to mix it up)

70’s Christmas80’s Christmas (whichever decade of pop artists you prefer)

I have a bunch of old mixes from this blog and others up on 8tracks if you want to scan through them – my profile is HERE.

Merry Christmas.


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