Ready Player One – the Soundtrack

I haven’t blogged in forever, you and I both know that, but here I am again with something to say, so I sit and write it out and put it out there for the world again. Ready Player One is a new book that was just published a month ago. There was a bit of buzz surrounding it and my brother-in-law read a few chapters online free and suggested I read it. This is a fanboy read if there ever was one. It has built on some geeky sci-fi of the past and run with it. This isn’t the thought provoking, forward thinking of Philip K. Dick or even a bit of that with some fun as in Neal Stephenson, and some are putting the new author Ernest Cline down for that. This is a bit more popcorn, but it’s absolute fun from start to finish, though it does have heart and I don’t believe it should be considered less a fine piece of literature because of the lighthearted nature. If you grew up on video games and pop culture from the 80’s, you may want to check out this book. The book is in the not so distant future about a video game designer that leaves his inheritance to whoever can solve a virtual reality video game, that almost everyone on the planet is trying to win. The contest is made up of pop culture references and in-jokes contained in the designers favorite movies, music and video games themselves. So it really is a game within a game, I laughed through the entire thing. I compiled a soundtrack of the songs referenced in the book, because that’s what I do when I watch and read things, I go and compile soundtracks to things that need them. I hope this is enjoyable to anyone that wants to listen while they read the book. There were parts of the book where I had to go find the music, so that I could geek out and experience the book with the corresponding tunes throughout. The music is mostly 80’s tunes that I haven’t listened to in years and are fun on their own or in connection to the great book from which they were gleaned.

For those of you playing along at home, here’s the track listing I came up with:

Dead Man’s Party|Oingo Boingo
Wild Boys|Duran Duran
Beds are Burning|Midnight Oil
Verb: That’s What’s Happening|Schoolhouse Rock
The Throne Room/End Title|John Williams
Like To Get To Know You Well|Howard Jones
Main Title: Also Sprach Zarathustra|Richard Strauss
Video Fever|The Beepers
The Safety Dance|Men Without Hats
Blue Monday|New Order
Union of the Snake|Duran Duran
Rebel Yell|Billy Idol
Time After Time|Cyndi Lauper
James Brown Is Dead|L.A. Style
Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go|Wham!
A Million Miles Away|The Plimsouls
Change|John Waite
Don’t Let’s Start|They Might Be Giants
In Your Eyes|Peter Gabriel
Pour Some Sugar On Me|Def Leppard
Kids Wanna Rock|Bryan Adams
Pac-Man Fever|Buckner & Garcia
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap|AC/DC
Three is a Magic Number|Schoolhouse Rock

Download zip file HERE


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