Band of Horses Covers…

I’ve written about Band of Horses before and I’ll probably write about them again. I was made aware recently of a cover version of the tune “the Funeral” on some new secretly scripted “unscripted” fake reality show on MTV (I don’t think that channel has played a video since the mid 90’s, but I really wouldn’t know as I haven’t tuned in since the early 90’s). The cover by the titular chick Liz, “My Life As Liz” – is not bad and I’ve posted the version from the show, though there is some annoying talking during one bit. You can view the episode over HERE. This song was covered by Serena Ryder a Juno Award Winning Singer/Songwriter and currently is winning in a “Spinner” battle between her cover and the original – you can click over HERE and vote for yourself which you think wins that battle. And I’ve just learned that Cee-Lo Green (half of the group Gnarls Barkley) has covered another track by the Horse-filled Band as well, or should I say also, because it’s really not done well – but you make the call, which cover do you prefer?

The Funeral (Band of Horses)|Serena Ryder & The Beauties
No Ones Gonna Love You (Band of Horses)|Cee-Lo Green
The Funeral (Band of Horses)|Liz Lee as My Life As Liz

There’s always a flip-side to every coin and as others are covering tunes by Band of Horses, the band themselves are covering tracks by other artists.

Can’t Hardly Wait (Replacements)|Band of Horses
Plans (Grizzly Bear)|Band of Horses
The End’s Not Near (The New Year)|Band of Horses


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