Chuck (Zachary) Sings?!?

I know I post lots about the music from the TV show Chuck, but now Chuck is singing, which requires posting as well. Katharine McPhee, pop singer extraordinaire, or so I’m told. I really don’t think I’d heard her name until I saw this video. I am so out of the pop music loop (mostly on purpose) it’s sad? or maybe it’s just happy. Regardless, I figured it was interesting to post this video, though I’m no fan of the style, both have nice voices. I suppose that’s sorta a positive review. What do you think? Should Chuck/Zach start singing some tunes on the show that was just renewed for it’s upcoming third season? I would enjoy him stepping up with Jeff/ster and performing a classic 80’s tune.

Terrified (Featuring Zachary Levi) (Chuck)|Katharine McPhee

Thanks Jen.


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2 thoughts on “Chuck (Zachary) Sings?!?”

  1. Ah, just found you at your new home! My RSS feed was strangely quiet, so I had to hunt you down via The Google. Glad to see you’re still kicking and introducing me to new music.

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