51++oMMyBNLI came across this talented singer/songwriter by way of the Christmas album The Hotel Cafe Presents…Winter Songs, which I cannot suggest highly enough for your holiday music listening. We’re on to a new year, but the artists on that album are some great artists of the female persuasion. That album featured her beautiful tune “Maybe Next Year (X-Mas Song)” which I listened to quite a bit this year; Grey’s Anatomy, (a show which I hear people watch for reasons I cannot fathom) used another fine song in an episode last year. She also is wonderfully featured on the song Sky by Joshua Radin on his 2008 album Simple Times, though it’s Ingrid Michaelson doing the duet on the Meiko is 1/4 Japanese and she with a cousin dubbed themselves Meiko and Keiko. Her self-titled 2008 album is a great find and has been getting much play on my iPod as of late. I apologize for the lack of blogging around here lately, been a bit busy (read lazy) lately and just haven’t gotten around to sharing.

Piano Song|Meiko
Under My Bed|Meiko


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