Muppet Carol of the Bells

More holiday videos. This time we have the Swedish Chef, Beaker, and Animal signing the lovely Carol of the Bells. Statler & Waldorf happen to be my favorite Muppets, I know that’s strange, but sitting back in a box seat and making sarcastic comments about the show is the ideal way to go. The Carol of the Bells, or “Ukrainian Bell Carol,” has seen a few different arrangements over the years. Wikipedia says “Throughout the composition, Leontovych used a four note motif as an ostinato which was taken from an ancient pagan Ukrainian New Year’s chant known in Ukrainian as ‘Shchedryk’.” It is much like the poem about bells by the great A. Poe, which I like quite a bit, but end up with a headache by the end. Here are a trio of versions that I enjoy more than most. Honorable mention would be the interumental versions put forth by the Carpenters and Barenaked Ladies, it’s also a fun one to do in a choir, mostly because I enjoy hitting that last “Bom” as a bass.

Carol of the Bells|The Nylons
Carol of the Bells|The Bird and the Bee
Carol of the Bells (from Home Alone)|John Williams


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