Hot In Herre (Nelly Cover)

Ah, penguins breakdancing to an acoustic folk rock cover of a Nelly rap, not much more to heat up your winter weather. If you like that you might like the making of…with Breakdancing penguins – HERE.

Just caught wind of a new video by way of Ingrid Michaelson’s blog of Jenny Owen Youngs, and since I must do whatever Ingrid would want, I figured I’d put up a link to that post HERE and post a video of the wonderful Miss Youngs here that is a fun one, especially this time of year when it’s cold out. I don’t think I’ve posted much about Jenny Owen Youngs before, but I am remiss. She released the album Transmitter Failure this year and is a fine album. I love her voice and this album works well. I have to say that I prefer her 2007 release Batten the Hatches, it is acoustic and I find that this works better for her voice, in my opinion, and is the one I go back to again and again. Also, the EP “Hot In Herre.” Jenny doesn’t mind dropping the F*Bomb in her lyrics and the album is excplicitly content however they rate things these days, so if you want to avoid such words, try her new one – Last Person.

Last Person|Jenny Owen Youngs
F*ck Was I|Jenny Owen Youngs
Drinking Song|Jenny Owen Youngs
Hot In Herre (Nelly Cover)|Jenny Owen Youngs


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