2009 Christmas Albums

61N1RHAZGALEvery year there seem to be more artists putting out a Christmas album. I hate to by cynical, but it just seems like most of these artists are just trying to cash in on the growing niche market of holiday music. I, for one, enjoy purchasing (at least) one new Christmas album each year, it’s sort of a tradition that I enjoy. It’s part of the holiday season for me to purchase one new Christmas album in the hopes of adding it to my collection of CD’s that get me in the mood for the season. This year is no exception. There are quite a few albums to choose from if you want an album released this year. Barry Manilow, Michael McDonald, Neil Diamond, Andrea Bocelli, Sugarland, Petula Clark, Sting, Wynton Marsalis, Olivia Newton-John, Tori Amos, David Archuleta, REO Speedwagon, Melissa Etheridge and even Bob Dylan have joined these ranks this year. I don’t know about you, but I really am not excited much by any of these. The Sting album is nice enough, but I’ve grown a little bored by Sting these days and the album only propels my boredom. Both the Bob Dylan and Tori Amos albums are sure to cheer the hearts of the fans of these two artists – and when I say fans, I mean the big-time fans that will buy any album by these two. I for one enjoy songs by these artists, but I really don’t think their personal styles fall into the realm of warm fuzzy holiday sounds to which I enjoy listening. Tori does have some nice songs on there, I’m just not sure they mix well with others in this genre. The new Bob Dylan Christmas album sounds at times like a Dylan impersonator is singing these songs. The Niel Diamond album is basically a greatest Christmas hits with a few new ones tacked on. Overall, despite the wide amount of holiday albums from which to choose, I’d say go out and buy an album you missed from the last few years, or a mix with a few artists on it that you really enjoy. Maybe I’m just becoming more of a grumpy old man, but there is lots of good holiday music out there, but choose wisely.

December|Norah Jones
Holly, Ivy, and Rose|Tori Amos (with her daughter Natashya Hawley)
Christmas Blues|Bob Dylan
Gabriel’s Message (2009)|Sting
Pat-A-Pan|David Archuleta


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