Bil Lepp (Liar)

So, last weekend was the 20th Anniversary of the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival, and they had most of the best tellers from over the last 20 years. It seems I’ve posted about it more times than I remember, I’ve been blogging my strange adventures for quite some time it seems. Last year I posted about Bill Harley and his love for “Build Me Up Buttercup”. I heard him tell his tale again this year and I truly enjoy any experience where you get to hear about someones love for music and song the way Bill tells that story. Another great teller, less so about or with music is Bil Lepp. Lepp is more of the Jeff Foxworthy of storytelling. He started out life as a preacher, so that probably is a good a way as any to get into storytelling and tall-tales. He spins his yarns mostly about fishing and living around his home in West Virginia, and as you listen the tale gets taller and taller, which makes it all the more funny. He’s been a teller at the National Festival multiple times and he started out his telling by being five time champion of the West Virginia Liars’ Contest. He has four books for sale and eight or so CD’s for sale at his store online HERE. He reminds me of how I always figured Patrick McManus, whose stories I grew up reading in Outdoor Life Magazine, would sound if his words were spoken aloud instead of read in my head. I’ve posted for a limited time one of my favorite stories from Bil, about he and his pal Skeeter and their adventures the night before and morning of the opening day of hunting season.

Mayhem Dressed Like an Eight Point Buck|Bil Lepp


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