BYU Football

BYU college football starts up this weekend with a big game against No. 3 ranked Oklahoma. It’s a funny thing growing up going to sporting events with family and friends and how that sort of sways ones enthusiastic loyalties. Going to the games with my dad was one of the few things we did through my teen years that we both enjoyed and agreed on. It continues to be one of those bonding activities in our lives. The music at a football is so often the “Jock Jams” that are only enjoyable at a live sporting arena (if then,) to either get the collective adrenaline flowing or to keep said juices flowing during downtime because of breaks between quarters, TV timeouts or the unfortunate even of injury. I read at some point that the crowd wave was invented sometime in the 60’s (if I remember correctly.) It seems odd that someone had to invent what appears to be some sort of eruption of energy on the part of a crowd. I figured today I’d post a bit of the musical highlights(?) of the songs often heard at a BYU Cougar Football home game.

Here we have the traditional fight song, ever school has got one, this one is theirs.
Cougar Fight Song

What is it about Gary Glitter in an arena that gets everyone going??
Rock and Roll (Part 2)|Gary Glitter

This is one of the newer stadium tunes that seems to get people screaming “Woo-Hoo!”
Song 2|Blur

This one is usually only brought on by the crowd when the score seems to be tilting heavily in the home favor.
We Will Rock You|Queen

Here’s one that is brought out in the event of a very slow fourth quarter and is quite unique to the crazy mormon town that is Provo – including people randomly jumping throughout the crowd with an appearance of human popcorn.
Popcorn Popping


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9 thoughts on “BYU Football”

  1. John and I talked this morning about the possibility of trying to make it up there for a game. I'm not sure we can swing it, but I really hope so. BYU football, family, road trip, what's not to love in that scenario?

  2. You guys should just do it. If you decide, you probably should try to get tickets as soon as possible. Games are always better with more family/friends around.

  3. Speaking of football, there was a pretty good linebacker for the Falcons named Fulton Kuykendall. Are you related?

  4. No relation to any Pro-Football Kuykendall's, though there have been a couple. I do however have a first cousin (once removed,) who plays for the Redskins – Devin Clark.

  5. Actually – Devin was let go and is headed back to AZ. He is hoping to catch on with the Cardinals, SF 49'rs or the Raiders.

    I miss the College Football game atmosphere. I have gone to a few games here at the UW, but it doesn't compare to BYU or ASU games in the Student sections.

    Looking forward to OK vs BYU on the 65" HD Big Screen tomorrow. I am hoping for a big BYU Win!!

  6. As a member of pep band, I firmly believe that music is part of what makes a football game a football game. And the Hey Song is fantastic but has anyone actually ever heard Rock and Roll (Part One)?

  7. yes Ginny people listen and like (part one), I'm not sure why though. I'm really not a fan of (part two).

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