Duets with Durtiz

So, I went to go to a Dave Matthews Band concert last night only to find out that it has been postponed due to doctor-diagnosed strain on Dave’s vocal chords. Bummer, but I still had fun eating some Five Guys and hanging out with my good friend Brian. It’s always great to catch up with another media junkie. Sharing recent movies, tv and especially music. In course of discussion I brought up a couple duets with Adam Duritz, lead singer of Brians’ favorite band Counting Crows. I realized I probably had been keeping them all to myself and not being a good friend sharing with him or anyone else.

Nanci Griffith has an amazing voice which blends well with whichever great voice with which she works. This original piece from her 1994 album Flyer is no exception and Duritz shines best as he blends.
Going Back To Georgia|Nanci Griffith (with Adam Duritz)

Here’s a clip from a concert in 2000 with the group Cracker on the Counting Crows song “Hangin’ Around”.
Hangin’ Around|Counting Crows (with Cracker)

Duritz is friend and former roommate of Ryan Adams and lends background vocals to several tracks on his 2001 album (my favorite of his many) Gold. Duritz can also be seen in the official video of the song playing piano (though on Leno he seems to be looking for something to do when not singing – you can watch it HERE.) This version might be my favorite – the way Ryan sing “Cry like hell” is so guttural.
Answering Bell (live on Leno 2001)|Ryan Adams (with Adam Duritz)

Here’s a great track from Dashboard Confessional’s 2006 release Dusk and Summer
So Long, So Long|Dashboard Confessional (with Adam Duritz)

And here we have Adam lending his pipes to a Cracker tune on their recently released album Sunrise in the Land of Milk and Honey. My thoughts on this is that there just isn’t enough Adam here.
Darling One|Cracker

Here Duritz is singing with ed kowalczk and the rest of LIVE in Nurenburg back in 2000 – Adam doesn’t make an appearance until close to the end.


Author: MusicalPirate

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One thought on “Duets with Durtiz”

  1. First off, awesome video! Yes, that sure sucked that the concert got cancelled (he could have whispered!). But I will be forever in your debt for introducing me to the Two guys hamberger place. Wow! And I think they'd be glad to have me back since I tracked dirt from my shoes all over their place! I never really think much of Adam's duets but it's great hearing him mix it up with others. I was impressed with the one you played last night from back in '94. They should have done a full album together!

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