Scarlett & Yorn

Interestingly enough I heard a leaked track from this upcoming album a couple years ago – and loved it. The female that was duet-ing with Pete sounded familiar and I even thought at one point that it might be Zooey. Nope – Scarlett. Is Pete losing all of his indie cred for duetting with someone that has been so dissed by her take on Waits classics? I hope not. I actually quite enjoy Scarlett, well and her voice as well. I wrote about her album – HERE. I’m really not a fan of the complete album of Waits tracks, but I never really thought that was the correct venue to showcase her vocal talents. This – This seems like the correct way to show off her sultry voice. This may album probably won’t have any of the quirky cool of ‘She & Him’, but I’m looking forward to the September 8 release of this album titled Break Up. According to Amazon it is “in the spirit of Serge Gainsbourg’s recording with Brigitte Bardot. The album re-enacts the tempestuous course of a love affair on the rocks.” There is video and more information on the album’s web page HERE. For me it seems the best of both worlds, watching Scarlett while listening to Pete. Is there a bad part of that equation?

Relator|Pete Yorn/Scarlett Johansson
Shampoo|Pete Yorn/Scarlett Johansson


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