Rhett Miller

I just finished catching up on ’30 Rock’, that show makes me laugh. I didn’t watch at all this last season, so I just watched through the whole thing this week. The finale when Jack gets together a group of musicians for a benefit concert – priceless. I was surprised there were some artists I quite liked on there that I was happy to see getting some exposure. Rhett Miller being one. He had a new album out this month and it’s along the same lines as his last two solo albums. The frontman of ‘Old 97’s’ is just great music. I don’t know really how to describe it, Americana maybe or just Alternative Country, but not quite as much so as the 97’s – which are like Calexico without the horn section? Though that’s probably reversed. This stuff is good summer road-trip sorta stuff kicking back in a hammock – or something like that anyway.

Come Around|Rhett Miller
-From ‘The Instigator’ 2002
Fireflies (with Rachel Yamagata)|Rhett Miller
-From ‘The Believer’ 2006
I Need To Know Where I Stand|Rhett Miller
– From ‘Rhett Miller’ 2009


Author: MusicalPirate

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