Sting in Winter

1200x630bbSting announced yesterday that coming Fall he will be releasing a new album – “If On a Winter’s Night…,” – set to release on October 27. This new album will be the second of his released on Deutsche Grammophon, so if you were expecting a rock-ish album, this won’t be it. The album will feature a collection of songs, carols, and lullabies. A few of these have already been released, but I assume he will be releasing new versions of these to go with the other songs on the album. His last album was entirely 16th Century composer John Dowlands work. I’m a sucker for Stings voice, though not always his music. His last couple of albums seem like the older artist trying to make money off his earlier successes, though I sense a desire to just make music and create as “an artist”, it now seems to be art to hang in a gallery somewhere for snobbish people to comment on how lovely it is, while nobody really wants to take it home with them. His love of ‘John Dowland’ seems fine and all that, it’s just that a record exec told him: “Hey, you like that guy and are obsessed with his poetry and music, you should just slap that on a disc and everybody’ll buy it.” I actually enjoyed a bit of it myself, but I am intrigued by the historical aspects of the music and I quite enjoy Stings voice. Here are a few rarities and a B-side.

Spread a Little Happiness (from Brimstone & Treacle)|Sting
Fragil (Portuguese Version)(from Nada Camo el Sol)|Sting
Blood Red Roses (from Rogue’s Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs, And Chanteys)|Sting
The Pirate’s Bride (B-side to ‘You Still Touch Me’ Single)|Sting
Fields of Gold (new version)(from Songs from the Labyrinth)|Sting


Author: MusicalPirate

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2 thoughts on “Sting in Winter”

  1. I love the newer version of Fields of Gold. Sweeter, more innocent. And of course the portuguese version of Fragile was great. Overall, some great reinvented stuff. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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