No school like the old school

Saturday night me and some of the guys in my family caught the Long Road Out of Eden or as Glenn Frey put it: the assisted living tour, of Eagles. Anybody going expecting a majority of the songs to be from the promoted eponymous tour album (no, there was not such a person anywhere) would have been quite disappointed. The first two songs (How Long & Busy Being Fabulous were the two singles released from said album and then it was The Very Best of Eagles. Okay, it’s not “the” Eagles”, but I swear that on the Wikipedia page it’s listed as Best of the Eagles. (stupid wiki.) We had lots of fun and it was their last American stop before heading to Europe. They really looked like they were having a great time and Don sat back behind the kit for quite a few of the old groups numbers. Everybody took a turn at the mic, Timothy only got one, but he seemed to be having a tough time on those high notes, so I was glad that’s all he got (I Can’t Tell You Why); Everyone else sounded spot on all the way through, even hitting the highs and harmonies throughout. They did a fine set that really highlighted the hits from 72-79, both Don and Joe got to show off some of their great solo stuff, but I thought it the tiniest bit of a snub to not show off at least one from Glenn’s fine solo collection. Joe (Walsh) really did some fine standout pieces that got the crowd rocking the way a large scale show like that should be rocked. I was especially happy to hear Rocky Mountain Way, which has always been a local and personal favorite. He also apologized to the younger portion of the crowd that their parents listened to Life’s Been Good to Me and that was what had lead to these younger fans as being “different”.
I know there is a large portion of music listeners that have been turned off by Eagles music being played quite so often on the “classic rock” radio, but there’s a huge reason those songs have been overplayed (yes way overplayed) – they’re great songs. I happen to like quite a bit of the deep track music of this band and think that maybe if this was played a bit more equally we might not have so many Hotel California burnouts. Growing up in the Western U.S. it’s hard to avoid Eagles in the Classic Rock genre, they remind me of growing up and AM radio, it’s a sound of the area in which I lived, and I loved it and I still do. “Standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona” – seriously? why would you stand on a corner there? you should be moving on, heading for another town. But in context of that song – it’s a dusty road in a small town, and you’re gettin’ checked out by a chick in a flatbed, and that’s okay. One of my favorite lines was penned by a co-writer of Frey’s – Jack Tempchin, who wrote or co-wrote over a dozen of the band’s songs including Already Gone, Smuggler’s Blues and You Belong to the City. “I like the way your sparkling earrings lay, against your skin, it’s so brown and I wanna sleep with you
in the desert tonight with a billion stars all around.”, that’s just classic Eagles there, one of my favorites.
This has turned in to a long post, most of you have probably moved on to more exciting blogs by now, but let me put up a few of my favorite tracks by the band and its members that I enjoy.

Ol’ 55|Eagles
The Sad Cafe|Eagles
Seven Bridges Road (live)|Eagles
The Boys of Summer|Don Henley
Rocky Mountain Way|Joe Walsh


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