Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop

71KwJ4TFu5L._SL1500_Sometimes I should just listen to the music blogs I read. I find myself stumbling across a song somewhere, looking around for it and then realizing that someone has suggested it to me previously, often times I already have the song sitting in a folder of stuff to listen to or even I’ve listened to it once or twice which is why it sounds so familiar in the first place (second place?). Watching commercials are what drive me crazy, occasionally an ad will have a fine tune and it can be a bit difficult tracking down the source, especially (as I’ve previously stated) if it sounds oddly familiar. A stupid “Diamonds Are Forever” commercial featuring the song ‘Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop’ perked my ears recently until I remembered I had read about it over at Any Major Dude With Half A Heart about a year ago. It’s still a great song, from a great little EP that Mr. Pigg has put out and I have been enjoying it now with some regret that I could have been listening to it for the past year. Also, I’ve included a cover of the old standard ‘Young at Heart’.

Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop|Landon Pigg
Young At Heart|Landon Pigg


Author: MusicalPirate

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