I just finished the fourth installment in the Fablehaven series by Brandon Mull. This is a fun juvenile fiction fantasy series. My nephew Ty got me reading them and I’ve quite enjoyed them and I think the writer has come a long way from the first one. The series will be finished in a TBA fifth novel. Some people say these are the next “Harry Potter”, but they really aren’t. These do not have the depth of characters (or plot) that give Jo Rowling reason to be world renowned. I’m not saying these books are bad; They’re good, very good – and I’ve enjoyed each one more than the last. The characters started out quite flat, but have grown with each outing. This series is all about a couple of kids that go stay with their grandparents and quickly learn that there are places in the world much like National Parks or the like the caveat is that these are filled with magical creatures, both good and bad. The books follow the adventures of these two kids who are polar opposites. The girl (Kendra) is bookish and always wants to do what’s safe and good, while her younger brother (Seth) is always looking for excitement and danger. As he wrote so eloquently in his book after Seth did something fun, yet stupid –
“Plus you earned fifty idiot points,” Kendra said. “A new record.”
“What you call idiot points, I call awesome dollars.” – Seth.

These Are Fables|The New Pornographers
All Across the Havens|Elton John
Books Written For Girls|Camera Obscura


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