Bitter:Sweet – Being Bad

duplicity_2Friday night I went and caught the new Julia Roberts/Clive Owen film – Duplicity. I enjoyed this movie more than I thought I would, and I though I would enjoy it. It’s a great heist/spy movie with the two leads going corporate after their careers for their respective countries. Some of the best bits are in the trailer, so I would suggest not watching it, though you also get a preview of the up-beat style and quirky humor used in this movie. Similarly the quirky up-beat music was done by ‘James Newton Howard’. During the credits as in the trailer you will be able to hear the wonderful Bitter:Sweet (female-fronted, ambient-infused electronica) and as one reviewer informs us – “Kiran Shahani (the male half) used to be part of Supreme Beings of Leisure and Shana Halligan (the female half) has a voice that is sometimes reminiscent of Esthero, sometimes reminiscent of Goldfrapp, and probably a ton of other like-styled singers all wrapped up into a pretty red-headed package.” This group has a great vibe and it fits well with the movie or a nice little party or just relaxing on the couch.

Being Bad|Bitter:Sweet
The Bomb|Bitter:Sweet
Dirty Laundry|Bitter:Sweet


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2 thoughts on “Bitter:Sweet – Being Bad”

  1. Hey, I wanted to check the link on "Being Bad" but there's something wrong with the link 'coz the page won't open.

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