Elton vs. Billy.

Over at Mental Floss the other day they posted a Elton vs. Billy Quiz. Though I thought it was pretty easy, I have to say that I grew up on such a heavy dose of the Piano Man that I’m not usually in the mood these days, even the cool 70’s stuff that didn’t get put on the radio much. Also great is the Rocket Man, and similarly I gravitate toward the 70’s stuff, especially the stuff not played too heavily on Classic Rock stations. I’ve posted two songs today by these piano men that happen to feature the flute. I’ve been listening to a couple of great mixes by Any Major Dude that you really should check out if you enjoy that. I did post a mix rife with flute greatness, but it seems “the Man” thought better of that, so it has been offered up to the Bloggers in the sky.

Hymn 2000|Elton John
Get It Right The First Time|Billy Joel


Author: MusicalPirate

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3 thoughts on “Elton vs. Billy.”

  1. I love Billy Joel and Elton John. I agree the test was a little easy – but still missed one. I don’t think I remember Vienna – it sounded very Elton Johnish.

    Remember our Music Video to the Piano Man? I bet that is some funny stuff.

  2. Robert, I totally forgot we acted out and recorded Piano Man as a video. I bet my parents have that somewhere, I’ll have to drag it out and post it on YouTube. I did score 18/18, but Vienna is one of my all time fav’s.

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