lost20cake202So straight from Jorge Garcia (LOST’s Hurley) – he has posted photos on His Blog of a cake made for the 100th episode of LOST by none other than the wonderful Duff from ‘Charm City Cakes’ superbly shown on the Food Networks ‘Ace of Cakes‘. Duff has been a favorite here, in fact the other night my niece came in and asked me – “What is the name of Boba Fett’s ship?” and after I told her it was the Slave II she said that they were making one on ‘Ace of Cakes’ and they had the discussion of how people know the name of the ship when it is never said in the movies. Some Star Wars knowledge is just known. They also recently made an awesome Millenium Falcon cake. You can catch video of that over at the website. Really is there anything better than Star Wars or LOST combined with Cake? I would say – “nope”. So here are a couple of great Cake tracks, the great Muppet cover and my favorite Cake track ‘Shadow Stabbing’ (I liked it so much it was my ringtone for quite some time.)

Shadow Stabbing|Cake
Mahna, Mahna|Cake


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