Mandy Adams

3859504000000578-3789159-Ultimately_the_beautiful_times_with_the_fascinating_five_time_Gr-m-32_1473863226826Is anyone else stunned by the news that Ryan Adams is engaged to Mandy Moore? Well, they’ve been dating on and off, but I just didn’t think they’d get hitched. I’m a huge fan of Ryan in theory, but not always in practice. His album Gold is probably one of my top albums of all-time, but he’s so prolific it’s tough to listen to it all. I know that’s a horrible reason to not give him the time and energy deserved of such musical greatness, but sheesh the dude is my age (34) and he has at least eight solo albums depending on if you count them solo with or without the Cardinals, not counting his stuff with Caitlin Cary in Whiskeytown. I’ve upped a couple apt songs from my favorite album as well as the only song I’ve really enjoyed of Moore’s – the slowed down version of the Rihanna hit ‘Umbrella’. You can read the official news article HERE.

La Cienega Just Smiled|Ryan Adams
Gonna Make You Love Me|Ryan Adams
Umbrella|Mandy Moore


Author: MusicalPirate

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One thought on “Mandy Adams”

  1. First off, La Cienna is my all time favorite song of his, so nice pick there.

    I could hardly believe he was marrying Mandy Moore too! She did geta litte cred with me when she appeared in “Entourage”, but wow, that is wierd!

    That being said, if there’s anyone who can match him in musical greatest it’s…. Mandy Moore?

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