Strange Covers

I think it’s eerily calming when you hear a cover song in another language, it’s comforting to know the song already and yet you’re not really sure they’re singing the same words that you know. I posted a few French covers of English pop songs back in 2007 – HERE I still have most of those songs in my mix of songs, it’s also refreshing to hear songs that I may otherwise be sick of because of the wonderful radio that we all know and love that seems to like 2 of all Classic Rock Greatest Hits albums and seems to hold the rest of whatever groups catalog in contempt, making me somehow reverse the process and now have a hard time listening to whatever song “the Radio” said I was supposed to like and remember best. I think I need a shower. Well I had a request to re-post the songs from the post in mid-’07, doesn’t seem like I’ve been blogging that long, so they are up again for your listening enjoyment. I also decided in honor of that request to post a few more strange covers of note – these may not have quite the playability that my other post had, but still intriguing covers.

Tema Dei Monkees (TV Theme in Italian)|The Monkees
Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand|Fab Fours cover of itself in German
Michelle|Fab Four
C’etait Toi (You Were The One)|Billy Joel (Half English Half kinda French)
Ces bottes sont faites pour marcher (These Boots Were Made For Walkin’|Eileen
Skid Row (Downtown)(French Movie version)|Little Shop of Horrors
Suddenly, Seymour(French Movie version)|Little Shop of Horrors

But if you really want some great couple of great foreign language albums, but specifically french compilations of mademoiselles singing pop covers, then head over to the Spiked Candy Blog especially the posts HERE and HERE


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