I Am Not A Number

Prisoner-Number-Six-Patrick-McGoohan-aStar and co-creator of the amazing 1967 (1968 U.S.) series the Prisoner, Patrick McGoohan passed away at the age of 80 last week. Ok, I’m not old enough to have watched it when it was originally aired, but this is a show that sits atop the pinnacle of TV. It’s a bit trippy at times, but well worth it. Watching it last year I though how much of good modern television owes to this classic. If you have never heard of the show or are unacquainted, it is about a spy who upon waking up the morning after his heated resignation finds himself in a resort style prison where everyone is a number and the warden is trying to extract information from the spy who is now known only as Number Six. Mix in a bit of the feel of a Beatles movie or possibly Willy Wonka and you’ve got a strange show, but it works. You can actually watch all episodes online currently through AMC.com – HERE, if you’ve never seen any of the show, you really should go watch the first episode (there were only 17 in all) and see how much of modern greats like LOST and even Twin Peaks drew from this (and wouldn’t be around if it didn’t pave the way). And sadly it seems that AMC will be doing a miniseries/remake with Ian McLellan as Number Two and Jim Caviezel as Number Six, more info – HERE, with that cast it may turn out to be good. But I’m opposed to remakes in principle.
McGoohan was also the lead in a previous spy show “Danger Man” and a ‘Wonderful World of Disney’ movie “The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh”, which I both feared and loved as a kid. You might also remember him as the Judge in “A Time to Kill”.
I figured I’d post up a few covers of songs about prison. The first is a combo of the Cash classic and the early Elvis cover (cover of a cover). The second and third are Merle Haggard prisons songs, which he knew about. (Haggard saw Cash a few times in concert while in San Quentin which inspired him to go straight and pursue his singing more fully.)

Folsom Prison Blues/That’s All Right|the International Submarine Band
Life In Prison|the Byrds
Mama Tried|Old 97’s


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