Explorer’s Club

51t+hdDpRrLI’ve been listening to this album pretty much on repeat since reading about them on My hmphs best of 2008 post. The Explorers Club is “the Beach Boys without the annoying Mike Love.” – and that’s not a bad thing. There are some other influences, but overall it’s 60’s harmony pop, and the band is out of South Carolina, despite the California sound. There is quite a bit of the Wilson’s magic from the 60’s here. It may not have the hooks that got those songs on the radio and stay there, but that just may be what gives these a little boost of playability today. This is good music for dreaming of warm weather that seems to seep into most thoughts this time of year. January is the Monday morning of the year and it just would be so much nicer curled up in bed hibernating until spring, or maybe that’s just me.

Forever|The Explorers Club
Honey I Don’t Know Why|The Explorers Club
Do You Love Me?|The Explorers Club


Author: MusicalPirate

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2 thoughts on “Explorer’s Club”

  1. My complaint about their PR man earned an e-mail from the band. I hope to publish my interview with them soon (Plus, I’m going to see them tomorrow night. Woo hoo!)

  2. Way to go in getting the interview, I look forward to reading it. Also, I’m envious of seeing them.

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