Christmas Song History 101

Over at Mental Floss right they have the history of 10 famous Christmas songs. Here’s one of my favorites.

2. The Christmas Song. The words in the song are so evocative of winter, you would assume that they were written over a mug of cocoa sitting by a fireplace or something. But nope – it was written during a heat wave in California. Mel Torme dropped by his friend Robert Wells’ house, where Wells was supposed to be writing songs for a couple of movies. Instead, Mel walked in and Wells had written down “Chestnuts roasting… Jack Frost nipping… Yuletide carols… Folks dressed up like Eskimos,” because he was trying to think cold. Mel thought it was a great idea for a Christmas song, so the two of them knocked the song out in 40 minutes.

for the rest, check out the entire entry HERE. This is one of my favorite songs, and I always enjoy the original by the velvet fog who indeed penned it to begin with.

The Christmas Song|Mel Torme


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One thought on “Christmas Song History 101”

  1. This is a perfect Christmas song. Every time I hear of Mel Torme I think of “Night Court”. Is it sad that for me that is Mel Torme’s legacy?

    Hey Steve, I’ll be done with finals at the end of the wek so I will finally call you! I know this must make you extemely excited.

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