Ground Zero

I’m not a big fan of politics, or rather, I’m not big on the societal trend to voyeuristically seems to enjoy watching the politicians slam each other all for the sake of self aggrandizement, and learning far more about these peoples lives than we could ever care, expecting far more from these people than we could ever ask of any normal person. Didn’t we learn as children on the playground that putting someone else down to raise ourselves didn’t really work? I suppose not.
There are some great pictures of the World Trade Center site construction HERE and there are some of the 9/11 Memorial Museum Pavilion HERE.
“This Land Is Your Land” (Counting Crows) is from the Deluxe Edition of “August and Everything After” (Recorded Live At Elysee Montmartre – Paris, France – December 9th, 1994) – a great cover of the Guthrie anthem.
“These Are My People” (Johnny Cash) is on the album “America: A 200-Year Salute in Story and Song.”

This Land Is Your Land|Counting Crows
These Are My People|Johnny Cash


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2 thoughts on “Ground Zero”

  1. Great post today! I am slow but sorry you are homeless. Hopefully that will change for you soon!

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