Another Muppet Post

I know I’ve been leaning heavily on the Muppets lately, but well get over it. Dr. Cramster passed along a few YouTubular Muppet videos, and I figured I’d share the Roger Miller Muppet piece, this is a couple of his great songs. I know the Cramster is a big fan of Roger and his music. A lot of people would probably be surprised that they already in fact are fans. Mr. Miller had some great hits, including the formidable “King of the Road”, you really can’t go wrong with songs about Hobos and trains and the like, and that song is definitely the apex of the genre. Miller also penned and sang a trio of the songs in the Disney classic “Robin Hood” (as the Rooster Alan-A-Dale). Funny enough I was reading a glowing review of that movie this morning, and despite my undying love for that movie, it is definitely not the height of movie making, even in the cartoon world – rehashed Bears and Rabbits from other movies, and it’s a complete rip off of the Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland, Claude Rains and Basil Rathbone classic that is the Robin Hood to which all others bow in obeisance (please forget Kevin Costner altogether, sorry Brian). The other not so well known project to the uninitiated in Roger Miller is the wonderful Broadway musical to which he wrote the words and music. Big River is a great musical, and I really didn’t know it was Roger Miller until recently. The show is a musical adaptation of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, complete with Mississippi Americana music that is a look to the past and some Negro spirituals as well, and it even does what I think is a good job of combining the two. If you like the occasional Broadway musical and haven’t checked it out, you really should do so, it won best the Tony for best Musical in 1985, the year it came out, and if I remember right it beat out Les Mis in both of their first year as such (but don’t quote me on that).


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