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This isn’t really a video, it’s just the song, with the album cover as the “video”. I still wanted to post the song, and since this is about it for now, that’s what you get. Dennis Wilson will always have the designation of being Brian Wilson’s little brother. He was thrown into the Beach Boys as the Drummer and though he quickly learned the instrument and did a good job at that, his voice wasn’t that of the polished sound the early Beach Boys were going for. He became an important part of the harmonies in the studio which to this day I find a hard time finding their better. Dennis was the only “Beach Boy” who even surfed. He probably wasn’t much to want to stay in the studio for all hours and get things perfect like the others, though his musical talent really shouldn’t be questioned. He was a wild one and started to write and contribute more as Brian did less in the early 70’s when the band was less popular, but still putting out some good tunes. I remember hearing him singing “The Wanderer” on the old 1964 concert album by the Boys and you can tell he was “the Wanderer”, with that unique lower and by contrast with the rest of the group almost gravelly voice – I’ve always loved it. The album Pacific Ocean Blue was put out in 1977, and though the critics mostly enjoyed it, it didn’t reach much commercial success. The band was imploding at this time and trying to make money by touring and probably most of the others felt any success by Dennis would take away any sales from the band. Who knows, but it has always had a sort of cult following. Even more so was the follow up album (Bambu) that never got released, similar to Brian’s “Smile” album. They just recently released a “Legacy Edition” of Pacific Ocean Blue with a sampling of Bambu tracks as Bounus Material with the reissue. Dennis added a blues quality to the Beach Boys that is even more apparent in his solo work. Unfortunately Dennis died in 1983 but we are left with his music. Too few people in my opinion continue to give the Beach Boys their due in the course of American music. I love this quote of his:
“Everything that I am or will ever be is in the music. If you want to know me, just listen.”


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