Everybody is fascinated by lists these days, everyone needs to put their likes and dislikes into list form and usually in numeric order. I for one am not a big fan of picking or quantifying my like/love for a movie or artist or album. But as I’ve read in the blogsphere out there I enjoy other peoples lists and when I make a list of favorite songs and the like, I usually end up really enjoying the accompanying mix that I create from such a list. I therefore have decided to start posting a favorite now and again without regard for where it sits numerically on the list, but rather that it is included on said list – regardless. Today I begin a list of albums that I could take on a Road Trip exclusively or would be happy if stuck with only these on the proverbial Desert Island, either way, these are albums I personally can’t do without for any long period of time.
GRACE. One could take the stance that too much has been written about Jeff Buckley, especially by bloggers who love music. I would have to say this is because most bloggers who blog music do it out of love for music and the desire to share this with people who might not have had the chance to listen to this music or understand why it moves us the way it does. Jeff Buckley seems to be the patron saint of music bloggers in that he typifies the times when you come across an album that didn’t make it on the radio (mostly because the radio sucks) and then you need/have to share it with as many people as possible so that they may also enjoy the hidden nugget of musical goodness. This being said, this is an album that I didn’t get until a few years ago though my friend Brian. He gave me his old copy because he’d just purchased the newly out Legacy edition. I probably had it sitting there for quite sometime in the “In” stack of music – you know the stuff you’ve been meaning to give a try, but haven’t actually listened yet. When I finally listened – I kicked myself for not listening sooner. If you’ve not heard his cover of the Leonard CohenHallelujah“, then you’ve been missing out. Rolling Stone put it on its Top 500 Songs of All Time (259). Q Magazine picked it as the most perfect song ever. It’s been hip to do covers in it in the last few years and it even made it on to American Idol this year, from what I’ve read. The diversity and purity of Jeff’s voice and the heartfelt delivery are probably the top three reasons I love this album, but it really goes beyond words. The song choice is another major draw to this album for me – from the ‘Lilac Wine’ cover of the Jazz standard previously sung beautifully by the wonderful Nina Simone to the amazingly new and talented original work by Buckley. The other major reason I think that Bloggers love to find live and rare songs by Jeff (which is a major portion of the music blogging thing) is that he his very untimely drowning kept us from anything much more than this album. The playlist at the side of the blog has most of the album streaming, do yourself a favor and listen.


Author: MusicalPirate

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