Friday Night Videos

Last weekend I was lucky enough to hear about a free Shupe and the Boys concert. It was on my dad’s birthday in the town he lives in, great coincidence, and we showed up and had a great time. I gave a review of their newest album
HERE and I have to say that Ryan Shupe & the Rubberband are great live, I’ve seen them before at a festival type venue and they were good, but trying to keep everyone happy, which they did. Last week they just did their thing and had lots of fun doing so. It was a free concert for the city including fireworks afterwards, (which what concert couldn’t use fireworks at the end??) so there were quite a few people there who probably didn’t know the group and alot of families with their kids, which was a bit annoying at times when they were standing up in front of us with balloons, but anyway – did I say it was alot of fun? it was. They are playing another concert this weekend at my old alma mater of a High School as a fund raiser. Check out their Website or their MySpace page for more info.

The video is of “Banjo Boy” – one of their great songs and crowd favorites, also check out the video to “Dream Big” – HERE


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