1 Hit Wonders

I’m still having some issues with uploading music, so no music posts still. I ran across This Site listing almost 600 One Hit Wonders. Now, I do have some issues with some of the picks on the list, I mean if this is your list – can you actually have two songs by the same artists? That kind of defeats the whole one hit thing, don’t you think? There are also a couple of songs that aren’t actually that one song I remember as the big hit by that artist, but who am I to judge. Also, there are some good groups on here that had some somewhat less stellar hits, but hits nonetheless. Also, if you’re looking for that random song, but don’t wanna buy the album of that One Hit Wonder, this is the place to find quite a few of those. It’s also just a fun list to read through to remember fondly the ones that you haven’t heard in years and want to listen one more time, or to remember not so fondly those that the radio so kindly drove into your skull like a railroad spike and you’ll never forgive them.

A couple of other sites recently I’ve found, when looking for a song or two that may be hard to find, or you don’t want to drop the cash for because you’re not sure it’s THAT good. Try The Hype Machine for what the cool kids are blogging these days – this obviously doesn’t apply to me, this is a blog that aggregates a bunch of the hip cool blogs and you can search for a song or artist and see what people are buzzing about.
Another is less interested in cool, (as this blog actually appears) is SkreemR, which is also a search-able Blog aggregate, just type in the song or artist and see if someone has blogged about it recently.


Author: MusicalPirate

I am a digital media professional. I love photography, music, and design and pretty much all media.

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