Go Speedracer Go

Yesterday I spent the day with my dad, unfortunately it rained all night Sunday, so we weren’t able to golf yesterday morning. We decided to do a double feature at the local movie theater, we hadn’t done that in a long while, so we saw Indy and Speed Racer. Let me preface this by saying that as a kid I hated the cartoon Speed Racer. I can still remember in the third grade being carted off to singing hour with Ms. Vocal (I kid you not, that was her name, you can’t make that stuff up) and whenever she’d let the boys choose what song to sing, they would always pick the stupid theme to Speed Racer – and the girls always chose stupid Happy Days, which while I enjoyed the show, that song is so stupid and repetitive.

Anyway, Speed Racer was way better than Indiana Jones. I don’t think it was high expectations, because if George Lucas has taught us anything in this life, it is that we should never EVER expect much from a series that we have grown to love. There were elements that I loved about Indy, but elements that made it the stupid step-cousin of the Temple of Doom – I’m sure we would all have welcomed some gross food and some heart ripping out if it would have brought a better plot and some more substance to the film. This movie kinda makes you feel the way you did when you were a kid and you’re parents used the word “cool”, it just wasn’t as cool as they thought it was.

From Speed Racer on the other hand, I expected nothing and was thoroughly entertained and amused and dare I even say moved. For a family movie, this was long – 135 minutes. I saw some kids in and out a few times to the little boys room, (although I saw a few kids do the same during the Crystal Skull) there were some slow parts for the kids as well. I saw more than one family take their kids and leave, I’m not sure if this was due to length or content. There was some mild language and a kid flipping the bird, so I’m not sure what age specifically the movie is geared toward, but I enjoyed every minute of it. Amazing stylized visuals, from the guys who wrote and directed the Matrix trilogy. The racing is like slot cars spinning and flipping and crashing into each other in ways in which Herbie only dreamed. Over the top? yes, but well worth it. The acting was even great in this, I highly recommend it, but IMDb users only give it 6.6 out of 10 while the Crystal Skull of Indiana is up at a 7.5.

Speed Racer Theme
Go Speed Racer GoSponge


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2 thoughts on “Go Speedracer Go”

  1. I’m kind of nervous about seeing “Indy” now because I haven’t heard ANYTHING good about it yet. The words people keep using are “cheesy” “corny” and just plain “Stupid”. Ouch!

  2. I just recently got around to watching Speed Racer, and I confess I loved it. I never saw more than bits of the old cartoon, but it was enough to get all of the references. When I saw the ads I thought it looked terrible, but it was sublimely outrageous. Great stuff.

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