Lost Theories

Dr. Cramster recommended that I put up some of my LOST theories and that sounded like a pretty fun idea to me, please post your as well. I think I’m going to post them in the comments section, so that people who aren’t caught up or don’t care about LOST can just skip through and those that care can click on the comments and add their two cents as well. This Thursday will be the two hour finale, but before that they will be airing the first hour, so it will be how they intended it – the 3 hour finale all together, the first hour was shown 5/15.


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4 thoughts on “Lost Theories”

  1. Who was surprised by who we found in Jacob’s cabin? It was a little less eerie, but no less creepy to see Christian and Claire. So do you think Claire is dead? that seems to be a prevalent theory out there and I’m not sure I agree with it. I was listening to the official LOST podcast (which I highly recommend if you like that sort of thing) and they were comparing the gun not going off when pointed at Michael to the accident that caused Jack to not jump, and taking that a step further they compared this to Ben and Widmore not being able to kill one another, because the Island is not finished with them.

    Also, don’t you think it is a huge coincidence (if it such) that both Locke and Ben’s mothers are named Emily? I mean, Locke’s mother in the flashback concerning the kidneys – Anthony Cooper used Emily as part of a con to get Locke to donate his kidney to him, after his own had failed. During the ploy, she told her son that he was very special, and that he had no father because he was “immaculately conceived”. Emily would later reveal Cooper’s betrayal, apologizing and telling Locke that she participated in the con for money. I mean that was a con in the first place. Could not Ben and Locke in fact be Brothers?

    When they move the island, are they moving it in the 3 dimensions or in the 4th – time – or both?

    Any other ideas – or do mine have holes in them?

    Maybe I’ll write more to myself later, if nobody else comments, but please comment, short or long if you like any of these.

  2. LOST locations. Here’s another thing. Polar Bear in the Sahara – then Ben in the Sahara. If you drilled a hole straight through the earth from the Sahara, or where Ben goes from there (Tunisia) – you end up in the South Pacific. My thoughts are that the Time Travel machine or properties of The Island have properties that enable a worm hole to the Sahara, but my big question is how much control do they have over this? Can they just jump into the wormhole and wake up in the desert like Ben or is there a Doc Brown Flux Capacitor with a setting to take you back to 1985 if you choose to go to the day you invented it.

    Also, They said they found the “wreck” of the crashed 815 while looking for the wreck of “the Black Rock” which I totally get, but they found it in the Indian Ocean. I know we Americans tend to be horrible at Geography, but seriously? the complete opposite side of Australia? That is like flying from Sydney to Africa or India the opposite direction from the City of Angels.

  3. I don’t know if Claire is dead or not. The whole thing with her is kind of weird. I really don’t think that Locke and Ben are brothers, because Ben’s mom died in child birth and Locke’s Mom is still alive. I think there is some sort of time machine or transporter ability. For example: a few weeks ago in the flash forward when Ben wakes up in the sand of Moroco or where ever and thinks he is Indiana Jones when he takes out those two guys on horses. He goes to the Hotel and asks what year it is. Didn’t we hear whispers when he woke up in the desert? We heard whispers when Goodman’s wife appeared to Jack and Juliette in the rain and told them about the gas. Also, Richard never ages and we saw a flashback of him at Locke’s bith and then giving locke a test with a knife to get into his school. Richard never ages. Does he transport back in time or did he just know where he should be and what he should do and doesn’t age? Charlotte dug up a polar bear in the desert with a Dharma collar on it. Does that mean Dharma is really old, or does that mean that the Bear was transported back in time? Also, why is it that they had a hard time finding the cabin when Ben had clearly been there before many times and Locke and Hurley had both been there? Is the cabin moving? If they are time traveling does that explain the temporal distortion that affected Desmond and the communications officer?

    What about that clip that you posted before the season began of the Aisian scientist doing an experiment with the rabbit and something going wrong?

    Who is the black guy that has appeared in the flash forward with Hurley and the flash back suggesting that Locke go on the walkabout? Is he Dharma? He asks Hurley if “they are still alive.”

    Why do the numbers still appear in Hurley’s flash forward at his birthday party? When Jack goes to visit Hurley in the mental hospital, why does Hurley say he wishes he would have gone with Jack instead of Locke?

    My prediction is the series will end with a conflict between Widmore and Ben and Ben will find Penny and attempt to kill her, but Desmond will kill Ben to save her.

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