Stop Drop and Roll

The Foxboro Hot Tubs released a full length album this week – Stop Drop and Roll. They released an EP in December online for free on the Internet and one of the songs from that EP actually made it onto the Top 20. You haven’t heard of these guys? Well, it’s the secret side-project of Green Day – pretending to be a 60’s garage band. It’s alot of fun and a great sound. This is a great combination of yesterday and today – Billie Joe’s vocals and the bands fun upbeat sound with a bit of the organ and “sound” of a combination of groups from the time period.

Stop Drop and Roll|The Foxboro Hot Tubs
Mother Mary|The Foxboro Hot Tubs


Author: MusicalPirate

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4 thoughts on “Stop Drop and Roll”

  1. Sorry I forgot to let you know that it is now Dr. Cramster. I graduated on May 2nd. I am currently looking for a job and I will let you know where I end up. It is way too hot here in Tempe. 113 on Monday.

  2. After talking to you yesterday I had to go out and get this album. It’s very, very solid.

    And congrats “Doctor” Cram. But just remember… you’ll always be a “Richard” to me 😉

  3. Oh… and also, Viva La Vid (or whatever it’s called ) by Coldplay is my new favorite song of the year. Just FYI.

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