What’s Your Vantage Point?

I saw Vantage Point at the Dollar theater this weekend – Movies 8 in Provo, which brought back a lot of memories of movies. I’ve probably seen more movies in that theater than any other anywhere, and that’s saying alot. I really enjoyed the film, It’s the same story told from different ‘vantage points’ multiple times before converging on the climax of the film. I know many people who didn’t like this “Rashomon narrative style” of the same thing over again from different perspectives, but I could have watched it even more times to glean new information, kind of like episodes of LOST. I felt a left wanting more from the time length of 90 minutes, but that was probably my only complaint. I loved the cast and thought it was very well done.

Speaking of movies, there’s a site – Flixster that is similar to GoodReads that I posted about recently HERE. Flixster is a pretty cool site where you can log in and create an account where you can rate movies (which you can do at Amazon.com) but you can organize your movies and see what your “friends” also rated movies. See what’s in theaters and what’s out on DVD. Add movies to your “want to see it” list or make recommendations for other people. Check it out, it’s some good fun.

Movie Script Ending|Death Cab For Cutie


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One thought on “What’s Your Vantage Point?”

  1. I miss Movies 8 in Provo!! I wish they had a dollar theatre here in SD. Lost has been superb lately!! I loved last week’s episode! I can’t wait for this week’s!!

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