The Road

I read the Road by Cormac McCarthy a couple of weeks ago. It’s an Oprah book club so I just had to read it. No, seriously I was perusing books and read the back and saw it on the bestseller list and it looked really interesting.

In a post-apocalyptic ash-covered world nothing grows and everything is dying and the landscape is gray, a Father & his young son (9-10?) take to the road in search of warmth and survival. The road is a dangerous place where the worst kind of people are waiting around each bend. Despite the completely depressing perspective, there are small glints of goodness and love in this book. It’s a book that takes some digestion and maybe that’s what I liked best about it, is that it was thought provoking and although the book itself is not inspiring, I was inspired by it’s lack.

Somewhere Down The Road|Feist
Walkin On Down The Road|The Jayhawks
Seven Bridges Road|The Eagles
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road|Elton John


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One thought on “The Road”

  1. Okay, I’m never going to read this, but I just noticed your slide show – I LOVE that! Please tell me it hasn’t been there for 100 years…

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