Cowboy Songs

Cowboy SongsSpeaking of National Geographic, my Mom’s parents only had a few cassettes in the car when I was a kid and of the selection, there really wasn’t much – that is unless you like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir or Don Ho singing Tiny Bubbles. I have to admit, we played Tiny Bubbles quite a bit because of the alternative. They did have one album that we got alot of use out of and that was the “Cowboy Songs, National Geographic Society (1976)”. A lot of these songs I actually had heard growing up around campfires with my Dad’s parents, as they came from a long line of cattle folk from Arizona and even before in Texas. One of these songs actually became sort of a family tradition to sing, that of the “Cowboy Fireman”, also titled “Trusty Lariat” – it’s a very strange song, but well then it just fits my family. This album has long been out of print, but at some point years ago just after my Grandpa died I found that old cassette, still in the case and I created a digital copy. So, here’s the whole rip song by song or you can download the entire thing HERE.

November 18, 2009: I’ve gotten more feedback on this than most posts. This album is dear to my heart and I’m so happy it is for others as well. I’ve posted the album so that it will be online consistently hopefully from now on at the above link. I just ripped a newer copy that is quite a bit higher in quality. It is more than double size of the last version. You can download this higher quality version. Again, I’m just happy to be able to share an out-of-print album that seems to have been a fond childhood memory for many of us.

01|The Brazos River
02|Jesse James
03|Get Along Little Dogies
04|Red River Valley
05|Hell In Texas
06|Dreary Black Hills
07|Down In The Valley
08|Windy Bill
09|Little Joe The Wrangler
10|The Old Chisholm Trail
11|Billy The Kid
12|Trust Lariat (Cowboy Fireman)
13|Old Paint
14|Night-Herding Song
15|The Streets of Laredo
16|Zebra Dun
17|Hangman, Hangman


Author: MusicalPirate

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17 thoughts on “Cowboy Songs”

  1. Ooooo. I just noticed your little logo by the html address. Very cool. I need to do that for my blogs too.

  2. Yes, your monogram is way cool up there – it’s a cool monogram. The cowboy songs brought back sooooo many memories! You were/are the four best children on the planet – singing weird songs on demand!

  3. Wow, I too grew up listening to this album on a casette tape as we drove the old buick across the West. I’ve be scouring the internet for it for the last year and have tried to record my own versions of many of these songs, but I find the album has very unique lyrics when compared to the standard lyrics for these songs found elsewhere on the web. Do you still have the files for these songs? They no longer stream or download and I would trade a horse to give them a listen.

  4. Much thanks Stephen – like magic pouring from the clouds, it is as good as I could have hoped. I am in your debt.

  5. I have the album but would love a digital version. I can't open the link to download. Is it still available?

  6. It should be up within the next half-hour. Good luck. Let me know how it compares to what you have.

  7. Would have loved to have this on cassette; only ever had it as an LP when I was little. Absolutely loved it and have never been able to find a digital copy. Many thanks for letting me re-live a bit of my childhood — and putting me in a position to let it be a part of my daughter’s.

  8. Most generous of you to provide this.
    My family and I have enjoyed the original almum which was given to me by my mother when I was in high school. We have never, until now been able to take it with us along with our Sons of the Pioneers, Mary McCaslin, Andy Parker and the Plainsmen, Gene Autry, and the like. Now we can add the icing, thanks to you!
    The quality is astounding, downloaded from your “higher quality” link. Better than either of my albums, it is clean, crisp, and clear.
    Many thanks.
    You have my email address, so if there is something you might be looking for, email me. Although I have not, at present, the ability to return the favor, i.e. vinyl to digital, perhaps still, there is something I could do to show my appreciation.

  9. I listened to this album when I was a kid in the late 70s. I still know most of the songs by heart. You’ll never know how thankful I am that you posted the album. I’m sending it directly to all my family members. Thanks!

  10. My Story is similar to yours. Listened as a kid… my Mom asked NG to publish as cd and they said no, so I’ve ripped it an continued to enjoy it..

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