Being Scrubbed

I really enjoy the show Scrubs – as far as 30 minute comedies where you really can just sit back and laugh, this show is high on my list. I really dig the sense of humor of the creator Bill Lawrence and the cast is just great. The soundtrack is always top notch. Alot of people credit the star Zach Braff with his “mad sountrack” compilation genius – and I’m not here to argue, but there’s probably a few more people involved with the shows musical choices. Whoever they are, they do a great job. They have also integrated music into the show itself, the theme by Lazlo Bane is great with or without the show. They also had Colin Hay (leadsinger of Men at Work) sing his acoustic version of the great Overkill while walking around the episode . They also had “The Polyphonic Spree” in an episode play their great “Light & Day” (also featured in the film “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”).

Anyway, the buzz has been that this was to be the last season of the show and the finale is to air next week. Well, now that is still true, but the new deal is that it’s moving from NBC to ABC after this season. So if you’re a fan of this show as I am I greet this news with two minds – yes I’m happy to see the show continue on, but beyond the 7th season will they be able to keep the same caliber television they’ve been creating? Also, are they going to be able to keep the great ensemble cast? Well, I hope so. You can read an article on the move and why it’s so hush hush over HERE

Superman (Scrubs Theme)|Lazlo Bane
Overkill|Colin Hay
Light and Day|The Polyphonic Spree


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