Worst of the Best

another list I found through Pop Candy had a list of The Worst Number One Songs of the ’80s A fun list of songs that while some of them I really do still enjoy, most of them do cause a bit of a groan with most audiences. If you click over there – they’ve compiled the videos to remind you of not just the music that was so cheesy/bad to listen to, but also the accompanying feast for the eyes. I have to admit that although I did enjoy Kokomo when it came out – it is probably my least favorite Beach Boys song now, partly because it was so overplayed like most of their hits that it’s impossible to hear without thinking about Uncle Jessie from “Full House” and partly because it is so blatantly a Beach Boys “Hit” solely in name only. So, which of these songs do you actually like? There are a couple that I completely detest – Whitney Houston/Bette Midler *shudder* – and could never listen to on purpose.

10. Dirty Diana|Michael Jackson
Ebony and Ivory|Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder
8. Stuck With You|Huey Lewis & the News
7. The Greatest Love of All|Whitney Houston
6. Kyrie|Mr. Mister
5. Hangin’ Tough|New Kids on the Block
4. We Built This City/Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now|Starship (tie)
3. I Just Called To Say I Love You|Stevie Wonder
2. Wind Beneath My Wings|Bette Midler
1.5 Kokomo|the Beach Boys
1. Physical|Olivia Newton-John


Author: MusicalPirate

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One thought on “Worst of the Best”

  1. Come on. Nothing’s gonna stop us now was my 8th grade graduation song!

    Okay, I still like Kyrie.

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