I went to Jumper this weekend with my Dad, the trailer looked cool and I knew that Doug Liman (Bourne Identity) directed it, but this was no thinking man’s action movie as I like to think of Bourne. This was the complete antithesis. I kept trying to figure out through the first half of the movie if there was any reason that things were happening, nope, just Hollywood doing a movie that they can (yet again) without any thought as to “the why” of making of a movie. Does the action propel the plot? no. It’s just cool transporting from one place to another (Yes, it is very cool) but there’s no plot and there’s no rhyme or reason from start to end. Enjoy the Fray song from the film.

Look After You|The Fray


Author: MusicalPirate

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One thought on “Jumper”

  1. Julie and I debated on this movie and Vantage Point this weekend. I guess I am glad I saw Vantage Point. Actually, I was glad before this. I really liked it, even though there were some noticeable mistakes.

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