Kings of Leon

You ever get a song stuck in your head, only it’s a good thing? I can’t get this Kings of Leon song out of my head, and I love it. I really do dig a song that starts out with a steady guitar riff and slowly builds. My friend Brian has been trying to indoctrinate me into the fandom of Kings of Leon for years. I’ve never disliked them, in fact every time I play their stuff I really get into it, but I always forget and then they don’t make it into my mixes and afterwards I kick myself because of it. These guys are modern southern rock at its best. Watching the film Cloverfield and listening to the music from it has reminded my why I need to remember them. The first song is awesome and is the one that’s been in my head for weeks, the other two were featured in Cloverfield.

Arizona|Kings of Leon
Taper Jean Girl|Kings of Leon
Pistol of Fire|Kings of Leon


Author: MusicalPirate

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