For Christmas this year, one of the things I received from my wonderful sister and her family, was the first season of Jericho. Strangely the show was cancelled after last year, as networks tend to do with overly good shows. Fortunately, the fans of this show didn’t take the news sitting down. The show is about a small town in Kansas, “Jericho”, that witnesses a nuclear mushroom cloud off to the west in Denver. From what they gather, this is not the only one, there have been many that have gone off around the country. The town then tries to figure out how to survive and prosper without the use of the usual comforts of electricity and the like, as well as try to figure out what has happened to the nation without communication with anything outside of their community. The season ends with another town trying to go to war with them for their land and food, the other town asks if they want to surrender and the only response the town gives is “Nuts” (in reference to the WWII general who gives the same reply to the germans in request for surrender). The fans of the show upond hearing of the shows demise, began a campaign of sending in peanuts to the network, lots of peanuts. The show was actually ressurrected and Season Two begins tomorrow night (Tuesday). Now who knows what will happen with the writers strike, but I highly reccommend adding this to you NetFlix queue or renting Season 1 at your local rental establishment.

Here are a couple of songs featured in shows from the first seasons.
Nothing Compares 2 U|Sinead O’Connor
Times Like These (acoustic)|Foo Fighters


Author: MusicalPirate

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2 thoughts on “Jericho”

  1. It’s good to hear that this show is returning. Isn’t the state of TV programming just sad lately? We were looking for something to watch last night, and the NBC voice guy announced, “Stay tuned for 90 minutes of American Gladiator, followed by 90 minutes of Let’s Make a Deal…” riveting, isn’t it?

  2. It looks as if everything goes well, the writers will be back to work tomorrow. Cross your fingers TV fans.

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