Weekend Movies

So I saw a couple of movies this weekend and thought I’d comment. I’ve been looking forward to Cloverfield for quite some time now and I have to say that it was pretty cool. I really enjoyed most of it. I did get a bit nauseous with all the camerawork, but was willing to look past most of it, but it kept getting worse toward the end and I found myself wanting a lull of a scene or something to relax my eyes. I did enjoy it stylistically as well as the suspenseful nature of the movie. I have to say, not to ruin anything, that I didn’t really care for the ending, which for me takes away from the overall feeling of the movie. Good Idea J.J., hope they keep coming.

The other flick I caught this weekend was the movie Juno. I’m not sure I knew what to expect with Juno, and I’d read alot about it. This is a little movie about a girl who gets pregnant and she decides to give it up for adoption. From the style of humor and all that I had read, I was surprised it was PG-13, not R, and well it was close. The language and subject matter quite often were really blunt and although the lead character was such a cute and quirky teen who tells it like it is, she was often a bit crass. This movie was so well acted, everyone in it was perfect. This movie has a very different feel to it, not far from the Napolean Dynamites and Little Miss Sunshine indie productions. The music was a huge part of this movie, the soundtrack is a top seller on iTunes right now and I very much enjoyed it, but it’s as unusual as the movie. The first song I posted is the two main teen actors and although the soundtrack includes the original of the song, I really enjoy this one. Give this stuff a try, it’s unique, but I have been listening alot.

Anyone Else But You|Michael Cera & Ellen Page
All I Want Is You|Barry Louis Polisar
So Nice So Smart|Kimya Dawson


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