I don’t know why I haven’t blogged about Keane before. This is a good little group out of the south of England. Their 2004 album Hopes & Fears is just a great piece of work. It’s almost ambient and pretty much rainy day or cold winter music that I really enjoy, it’s one of those albums that you don’t need to skip any tracks, just put it in and chill. Their 2006 album Under the Iron Sea, I just couldn’t get into, I’ll have to break it out and give it another shot.

Somewhere Only We Know|Keane
This Is The Last Time|Keane
Can’t Stop Now|Keane
Walnut Tree|Keane (from Music From the O.C. Mix 2)


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One thought on “Keane”

  1. Keane’s pretty good! Their ’06 album was a lil different than the previous album. Good, just different. However some of their songs do sound quite similiar. I went to see them in SLC in ’05 and it was kind of a weird concert…like you weren’t sure whether you should stand & dance or just sit & chill.

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