We Didn’t Start the Fire

Reading over at the wonderful site Mental Floss they had a quiz about the 1989 Billy Joel Hit We Didn’t Start The Fire. I can remember trying to pick out each lyric on the cassette that my sister Amy had gotten for me for Christmas – starting and stopping over and over to try and figure out every word. Well I did score 100% on the quiz, but only because I’m an odd duck and I not only listened to the song over and over, but enjoyed doing so and enjoy knowing every lyric when singing along to crazy songs like this. So, try the Quiz -> HERE. If you need a little help cheating or just want to know what the heck Dien Bien Phu is then head over to the Wikipedia entry about the song -> Here.

We Didn’t Start the Fire|Billy Joel


Author: MusicalPirate

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4 thoughts on “We Didn’t Start the Fire”

  1. I hadn’t checked your blog until today because I thought your blog was closed. I’m glad to see you are back. Great post! Look up Billy Joel on IMDB and it is interesting to see how many times his songs have been in movies or TV. Like the Office episode when Ryan started the fire. I hope the Jazz beat your Suns tonight.

  2. I also scored 100%, but it would be embarassing if I didn’t, since Billy Joel is my all-time favorite artist. I actually made my wife take my CD to listen to Billy Joel’s greatest hits while we were dating because she wasn’t a big enough fan.

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