Album Covers Gone Wrong

Over at Mental Floss they have a compilation of the Worst album covers of all time. If you haven’t read this blog/magazine, etc. you should head over there. This is a site that you can waste days and days reading up on trivial minutia that nobody really cares about, which as anyone knows it the absolute best kind of trivial minutia. There is also and edge of intelligence to the site that most blogs lack, this one included. So anyway, if you head over there you can see the top 10 album covers that make you cringe (this one is #10), and the number one is just, well you’ll have to head over there and see it for yourself. The song for today is actually borrowing a bit more than a feeling from the #1 album, the Simpson writers are very clever, but this one looks spot on. I wonder how similar it sounds to the song below – one of the best songs from the Simpsons ever.

Can I Borrow A Feeling|Milhouse’s Dad


Author: MusicalPirate

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One thought on “Album Covers Gone Wrong”

  1. I probably own some of the ugliest albums, but I’m very old and have lived through all those ugly times!

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