Invincible – These Days

I was watching Invincible last night, which I really enjoy. This is a great Disney feel good Rocky-like true life story about a guy who at 30 years old without any college ball experience tries out and makes the Philadelphia Eagles football team. Disney seems to like this formula and it usually works well for them: True story of sports team that defies the odds to succeed (Remember the Titans, the Rookie, Glory Road, Miracle, Mighty Ducks, …) One of the many things I enjoy about Invincible more than most of these others is the well blended soundtrack with the feel of the movie. The songs from the time period are all well placed and emotional parallels to what’s happening with the characters of the movie. One song in particular stuck out as I was watching, for no other reason than I knew it, but couldn’t place it. When Vince goes to Janet’s house to tell her how he really feels, Jackson Browne’s ‘These Days’ is playing. I don’t honestly know if I knew this original version of the song, but have heard other versions since and have always loved the emotion of each artist when they have sung Browne’s words. Here are so many versions you may get sick of it, I personally love the Allman version, but there are a few to try out, see what you like.

These Days|Jackson Browne
These Days|Gregg Allman
These Days|St. Vincent
These Days|Nico
These Days|Mates of State


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