Country Covers

I was clicking channels this morning and saw Shooter Jennings cover ‘Walk of Life’. Now this just basically sums up alot of country music out there today. Cover a great song and put it out as a single. I know I’m one to talk, I enjoy a great cover song, done well, but it seems when rock groups/artists cover an old song they like they put it out as a b-side or a deep track, it’s not their “new big single”. Could country artists just not be able to write as much music? I know this is true of Pop music as well, but we just like to forget about that whole genre for the most part. I mean I grew up on good country music where people wrote their music and did a great job of performing it. But when they take a good song and well, there’s just alot of them that aren’t very good covers. I’m not posting them, but rather posting a few of the songs that I’ve heard lately that just make my skin crawl when I hear the cover version. If you like the covers, please go purchase them – because the original artists are probably making some royalties off it somewhere.

Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning)|Vertical Horizon
When The Stars Go Blue|Ryan Adams
Tom Cochrane|Life Is A Highway
Walk Of Life|Dire Straits


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