Remember the Actors (Titans)

I just popped in Remember the Titans (the Director’s Cut) last night (anybody else have way too much baseball going on around them?) and have to say firstly that the theatrical release was probably the better cut. This version had a couple extra minutes involving coach Yoast and his ex-wife, I don’t think this added anything, in fact I think it detracted from the emotional flow of the movie. That being said as the disc was loading up and the previews were playing I started thinking about how much fun this movie is, and all of the great supporting cast of characters, and then I realized where I’d seen most of them before and was surprised that so many of them were now involved in some great projects.

Denzel as Coach Boone, we don’t even need to mention how many great projects he’s been involved with.

Will Patton as Coach Yoast, to be honest I had just started to notice him from Armageddon and the Postman, lately he’s done a few Numb3rs episodes and the miniseries Into the West which I highly recommend.

Donald Faison as Petey, the softhearted receiver turned Defensive Back, now a wonderful surgeon on the cast of Scrubs.

Ethan Suplee as Louis Lastik, the white kid who sat at the black kids table, who is now Earl’s dim-witted little brother on My Name is Earl.

Kate Bosworth was Gerry Bertier’s girlfriend and then surfed in Blue Crush, played Sandra Dee in Beyond the Sea, and became the new Lois Lane in Superman Returns.

Ryan Gosling played the not-so-fast D.B. that lost his spot to Petey, and has since starred in the Notebook and been nominated for an Oscar for Half Nelson.

Hayden Panettiere was the one that came to me first and with the biggest surprise, yes the little daughter of Coach Yoast, who was obsessed with the game possibly more than he, is in fact now the Cheerleader who must be saved on TV’s Heroes, odd to see her all grown up, in fact it’s really strange since they have a girl play her at the end of Titans, and she doesn’t really look much like her now. She was also the voice of Dot in a Bug’s Life and the voice of Kairi in the Video Game Kingdom Hearts just fun little facts.

Well, that was my evening, and I thought I’d share some of the great soundtrack timepieces from the film:

Peace Train|Cat Stevens
Up Around The Bend|Creedence Clearwater Revival
Spirit In The Sky|Norman Greenbaum


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